People Strategy

We help you build a roadmap to successfully grow your business based on the talent you have, the talent you want to attract, and the talent you want to retain.

Talent Acquisition

Often recruitment strategies are broad to ensure the largest pool of candidates applying to join your business. However, not having a focused approach creates a laborious process, not only for your recruitment teams, but also your hiring managers. The process of recruitment can be far too drawn out, and often end without the ideal candidate. Moreover, it can result in a less than ideal fit of the candidate coming to light further down the line and the process having to start all over again. This is where an objective review and redesign of your recruitment strategy is necessary.

The first step is for us to help you understand whether you have the right people in the right places. We help you identify where the gaps are in your business, what dynamics or capabilites are missing, and what key people you need to attract. This will help us establish exactly who it is you want to recruit, what skills and personality types you require, and hone how you are going to find your ideal candidates.

We help you streamline your processes to ensure the most efficient and effective advertising and interviewing practices, that result in the ideal fit for not only the role in question, but your culture as a whole.

Onboarding and Exiting

The process of recruitment however does not end with the signing of a contract. It is vital that you have clear and well laid out onboarding processes for each role you are hiring for. We help you establish what the ideal transition would look like, what would work best for your teams, and how to get the most out of your new hires from the outset. Providing clarity on key roles and responsibilities and setting out clear, mutual expectations and time frames, ensures everyone is aligned from the outset.

When the time comes for people to move on, it is vital that there is a smooth transition period, continued engagement and productivity, and a well-executed handover. This requires planning and clear procedures for successfully exiting the business. Once someone has decided to move on, there is often so much that can be learned from those exiting the business. We can not only help redesign your exiting strategy but provide an objective sounding board and objective expertise to glean the most insight and facilitate a smooth exiting process for all.

Employee Engagement and Retention

Improving employees’ engagement with their roles, their teams, and the organisation as a whole, will not only drive productivity but create long term commitment to your organisation’s future; ultimately increasing your retention and reducing your recruitment requirements. There are multiple factors that contribute to your employee engagement, but essentially, they all come down to the autonomy, mastery, and purpose that you build in your people. We help you establish and set out clear roles and responsibilities, gain a mutual understanding of expectations, create robust and real time feedback loops, and clear accountability within your teams. This not only means that you can gain confidence in the capabilities and performance of your employees but forges a sense of autonomy in their work and removes all need for performance micromanagement. Mastery is brought about by having clear performance review policies and procedures. Your individuals need to feel supported and see the longevity of their career in your organisation. We help you objectively look at how you are performance managing your people to ensure timely and effective feedback, with clearly mapped out paths for development and promotion. Finally, the key to purpose is through your communication with your employees. They need to know the vision, mission, and purpose of the organisation and where and how they fit into it. We help you review and redesign your organisation’s communication strategies, so that your employees feel a genuine connection to the success of your organisation, now and in the future.

Succession and Contingency Planning

Retirements, long-term sickness, maternity and paternity leave, and sudden resignations often leave businesses firefighting with scattergun approaches to recruitment, internal competition for promotion, miscommunication, and prolonged gaps in your teams causing ongoing disruption to your organisation. This is where foresight and objective strategic successions planning is required.

We work with you to not only set out your people strategy for right now, but for business growth and the inevitable change cycle that occurs naturally within organisations. We help identify where change could occur, where you are likely to look to grow your teams, and help you identify if you have the right people already in place to support your organisational growth.

We help you identify your future leaders and strategically map out their career development opportunities to ensure you get the right people to the right places. We also help you map out how you will continue to support your people through your organisation in order to grow your business organically with a steady stream of talent prepared for the next level.

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