Executive Coaching

Sustained behaviour change that dramatically improves the performance of individuals, teams, and organisations alike, putting everyone on the fast-track to success.

Leadership and Personal Development

Executive coaching is now an essential tool to support and develop individuals and leaders with high potential, to facilitate growth and development on a deeper, more sustained level.

We work with organisations who are seeking to transform individuals in order to prepare them for more responsibility, more challenging roles, or changing environments. Our work supports with higher retention of key people who feel more valued, motivated, and committed.

We also work with individuals seeking to experience greater success and fulfilment in their workplace and life, manage stress or burnout, improve work/life balance, or generally improve their developmental opportunities to ensure growth and success.

Our one-to-one executive and leadership coaching provides the time and space required to think reflectively, process change and development opportunities, and fine tune people and leadership skills. We help individuals to focus on current and future achievements in a way that builds self-awareness of strengths, confidence, capability, and establishes personal responsibility. The sustained high performance achieved, reconnects individuals with their purpose in what they do and changes how people show up and lead every day at work.

A Tailored Approach

There is a huge array of executive coaching methodologies used today, including Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Positive Psychology, however we believe that one size never fits all. All individuals and leaders are unique, with unique ways of thinking, processing, reflecting, and developing. Everyone will respond in different ways to different types of coaching and has different outcomes they are looking to achieve. Therefore, we believe there always needs to be a tailored approach to each coaching interaction.

At IntrinsiaVet we move away from one specific methodology of executive coaching to a more complete approach, one that is transformational in nature. By drawing on the six approaches of the Coaching Wheel (Henley Business School), we create a distinct form of coaching that facilitates growth and change on a much deeper and longer lasting level. Utilising the best of every type allows us to deliver transformational coaching bespoke to individuals and organisations, regardless of seniority, priorities, or the outcomes sought.

We also tailor our use of supporting tools to the individual and organisation. These can include the use of psychometrics, strength assessment, and 360 feedback tools. This allows individuals to gain an even deeper understanding and awareness, allowing for self-reflection and discovery of how to work and lead with authenticity and agility.

Ready to Get Started?

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