Boards and Senior Teams

Build cohesion and alignment of your executive team to effectively navigate organisational challenges and achieve your desired goals.

Challenges and Interventions

Diverse viewpoints, different perspectives and innovative ideas are key to the success of any senior leadership team or board. However, this can often lead to misalignment on strategic priorities and lack of clarity on the direction of the business. Along with this, board members and cross-functional senior leaders in any organisation are navigating their own challenges of the business, and with board meetings and away days being spaced periodically, so often the senior leadership team does not operate effectively as a team; a united entity. Different personalities and work styles means members of the same leadership team will not always see eye-to-eye, and clashes are often inevitable. Moreover, with long established boards and senior leadership teams, historic behaviours, “just the way we do things around here”, can often be woven into the dynamics of the group. This is where our experienced and qualified consultants and executive coaches come into play.

We offer a range of interventions from strategy awaydays and rapid progress events, board observations, whole team mentoring or coaching, 360-degree reviews, one-to-one executive coaching and team and individual psychometrics. Through a deep understanding of your organisation, situational analysis of individual and team dynamics and overall team effectiveness, we can identify where change needs to occur and deliver a programme bespoke to you organisation to achieve the desired results.

Clarity, Commitment, and Change

Our bespoke design to executive team development means we can be effective at helping you achieve short-term change or longer-term development. We can work with you to define or redefine you vision and mission for your organisation, so that everyone is aligned on your purpose and the values that underpin everything that you do. We can help you establish not only what you want to collectively achieve but how you are going to do this, and how you are going to measure its ongoing success, be it business growth, increased customer satisfaction, or increased engagement and staff retention.

We can help you establish if you have the right people in the right places, or whether you are missing any key elements or dynamics within your senior teams to generate the results that you want. Each established team member needs to be playing to their strengths, engaged, and motivated with clear roles and responsibilities in what you are looking to achieve. Through our ongoing work we can facilitate clarity and commitment on what each member is bringing to the table and establish accountability for each team member’s ongoing contribution.

Facilitation of safe, respectful, and constructive conflict allows for acknowledgement and understanding of different stakeholder perspectives and a re-establishment of trust and improved effectiveness of your communication. This longer-term work with your executive teams will help you foster positive habits and create a culture of constructive challenge within a climate of trust and candour, to ensure they continue to work together effectively and dynamically.

Ready to Get Started?

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