Feasibility Assessment

We turn your hypotheses into knowledge with objective viewpoints and evidence-based rationale.

What’s in a Feasibility Assessment?

Every new venture carries with it a degree of risk, so it is essential that you are as informed as possible before proceeding. However, for many entrepreneurs in this space, there is an absence of readily available information to help make critical decisions. This can make it very difficult to establish whether your idea meets your threshold of appropriate risk. This is where a feasibility assessment can come into its own.

Our primary objective in assessing feasibility is to test your assumptions about your idea, the status of the market, and the value your idea brings to your target customers. We often find that the value propositions in new business ideas are in fact value assumptions, based on one’s own experiences and therefore subject to potential bias. We undertake our own objective research to make sure that what you believe to be true about the market and your idea’s potential is sound. Our research seeks to either validate or challenge your thinking. Either way, you will have real world data with which to proceed.

Rigorous Analysis

In assessing feasibility, we draw on our own knowledge of the veterinary and animal health market, as well as published market reports and research. We apply strategic methodologies to the data, giving you an evidence-based picture of the market that will enable you to forge ahead or pivot accordingly. If your idea already exists in the market, we undertake analysis of your competitors, giving you a thorough report on their offerings, reputation, key people, and strengths and weaknesses in the face of our veterinary market research.

Finally, we collate all our findings into a feasibility report, that you can either use to continue your own planning and research or use as the first part of a strategic business plan with IntrinsiaVet. Ultimately, we want you to have extensive knowledge of your environment and confidence in your new venture. Working with us will help you fully assess the viability of your business idea and know where to effectively position yourself in the market. Being rigorous at an early stage can save you time, money, and energy in the short term and bring clarity on what you need to do to move your venture forward, avoiding unnecessary obstacles.


Supercharge Your Strategy Creation

A good strategy considers multiple perspectives. But to get the best information, you need to ask the right questions. Our checklist on analysing your market will help you ask the right questions in the right areas to give you a well-rounded overview of your new venture.

Gain a holistic view of the industry

Be better prepared to enter the market

Support your strategic planning

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