Mergers and Aquisitions

The key determinant of successful M&A is the level of fit between the organisations involved.

The Importance of Experience

As organisations grow, they need to bring in external expertise to help manage new challenges. Mergers and Acquisitions are a prime example of the need to bring in experience. Buying another business or managing an effective merger can be fraught with difficulties, particularly if you don’t have an experienced M&A team within your organisation or are working with a firm unfamiliar with the industry’s nuances. Through our extensive experience of both independent veterinary and corporate M&A, on both sides of the deal, we understand the importance of getting your acquisition right.

Our goal is to bring clarity and confidence to your M&A journey, giving you the tools to create a robust growth strategy, assess potential acquisitions, and ensure that all activities align to your vision and are guided by sound reasoning. We focus on supporting organisations that don’t have their own M&A departments, however, we do also act as a fresh pair of eyes within an existing M&A team. Our service revolves around establishing a clear M&A strategy with supporting rationale and alignment to your vision and values, helping you to clearly narrate your objectives to stakeholders and/or board members.

Strategic Oversight

Organisations often seek advice at different stages of the M&A process. Holistically, we help you assess your M&A options by analysing your business model and the supply chains and value chains that interact with it, helping you identify the type of acquisition you’re looking for. We ask the right questions to give you clarity on your reasons for pursuing a particular direction and help you assess strategic and cultural fit – the 2 primary determinants of successful M&A.

We then help you come up with a compelling pitch to potential vendors, both to secure interest and to compete with rival bids. A key part of this is being able to address the common concerns of potential vendors, such as looking after their people post acquisition and speaking to their professional motivations and drivers. We will co-create a set of priorities, principles, and non-negotiables that you can discuss with potential acquisitions to ensure you get a good understanding of your target organisation, limiting the unknowns as much as possible. Our experience at both ends of the acquisition process enables us to identify key areas of consideration that are often intangible.

Finally, we can assist you in working alongside other stakeholders in the M&A process, such as legal and finance teams, help determine a post-acquisition strategy by examining the new competitive landscape, and crucially, help you plan for successful integration.

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